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Washed Ashore by ellemoe Adult
It's simple. Sookie washes up on the shore of a deserted island. She's hungry, tired and alone. Or so she thinks. Characters are to canon. Telepathic Sookie and Vampire Eric. Mostly Eric/Sookie with a mention of other characters.
Second Chances by Laura Siri Adult
What if Pam had turned Hadley instead of Queen Sophie Anne? Sookie finds herself learning the ropes of the supernatural world at the hands of her vampire cousin while trying not to lose herself in the attentions of a certain sexy Viking sheriff... Sookie/Eric, Pam/Hadley.
House of Cards by Telcontar Rulz Adult
Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic New York socialite. When business and fate cause her to encounter one Eric Northman, cutthroat businessman and vampire, the world she knows comes tumbling down.
Put Me First by AlphaEN Adult
Eric and Sookie have some serious talking to do and decisions to make. She finally tells Eric she wants him to put her first. What would that mean for them? Attn: Put Me First re-vamped and the sequel "Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow" is being now posted on

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Forever Hers by PleasantlyWeird Adult
One shot companion to "Forever Yours". It's Eric's POV with some twists and...

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11/17/14 07:55 pm
Any Taric writers out there? I'd love to read some with this unlikely pair.
08/17/14 02:39 pm
Farewell to my first and last fandom expierence, It has been an honour reading here, I can only hope to stumble on a completed ERIC story by DEEDEE, Someday
02/01/14 08:36 pm
I've been waiting a while for my story to get validated.
12/16/13 04:50 pm
TJ9390, please complete more chapters of your story "All I need" and post them here. Or if you already have completed them please add them to the story here. Waited along time for more chap
12/10/13 10:35 am
What is the title of the story where sookie runs away and comes back after staying with the Norse gods?
12/06/13 03:05 pm
I love the true blood television series want Eric & Sookie to be together. Love the stories here "All I Need" and "United we stand", and would love to see more chapters being post
Ally N
12/02/13 12:49 pm
Hii I'm new! Really love the True Blood series and am crazy in love with the sexy Mr. Northman. All tips to use this site would help a lot thanks
11/23/13 07:49 am
I was just wondering if this site is still being used ...
09/29/13 01:55 am
Nope..New here too
Grace Northman
09/15/13 02:24 pm
Does anyone know how a story gets featured? I'm a newbie. ty
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House of Cards by Telcontar Rulz Adult
Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic New York socialite. When business and fate cause her to encounter one Eric Northman, cutthroat businessman and vampire, the world she knows comes tumbling down.
Emotions by Ash_Dash Adult
Sookie's old friend Joy comes to visit and Sookie takes her with to fangtaisia to try and find out who is stealing from Eric. Hoever after doing so things start to stir in Bon Temps some for better and worse. What will Joy do with the new and old emotions built up and better yet how will everyone else...
Bloody Kiss by Asoreleks Adult
This story follows on from “Death Did Us Part”. I didn’t mean for there to be a ‘sequel’, but I had a flash of inspiration as I was rereading the chapters of DDUP for the millionth time before posting. Unfortunately inspiration is a wilful diva and will only appear whenever...
All I Need by TJ9390 Adult
S5 Re-write. Eric is being held captive by the Authority after his failed escape attempt. When Sookie is kidnapped by Bill and brought in, they must join forces to escape. 
Falling to Pieces by TJ9390 Adult
Re-write of S5E4 We'll Meet Again. Eric goes to Sookie's house alone and finds his little Fairy drowning her sorrows.
Eastern Winds by BloodTears Adult
This story starts where the TV season 4 of True Blood more or less ended and it continues in the only possible way: venturing deeper into the abyss of His existence.
A Change Is Gonna Come by Sarifina Adult
Sometimes, it's the simplest wishes that can change your life forever. "Any change, even a change for the better, is accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." Can Eric and Sookie survive the drawbacks of their changing future? Set after DitF
Secret Santa by TammyDevil666 Adult
A little after season 5, Sookie is trying to move on and find the Christmas spirit. A certain Viking decides to help her with that.
That's Not My Name by Mad Adult
  Eric attempts to cope with the loss of his Maker and the disappointment of his unrequited fascination with Sookie by adding to his family. Things do not go as planned. AU. OC.   
Happiness for a Price by ArianaRose Adult
Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress from Bon Temps, has finally figured out her true feelings for the Viking vampire Eric Northman but does this discovery come at a price? The Fellowship of the Sun has split up into small radical groups bent on taking down head vampires in the community and with...