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Washed Ashore by ellemoe Adult
It's simple. Sookie washes up on the shore of a deserted island. She's hungry, tired and alone. Or so she thinks. Characters are to canon. Telepathic Sookie and Vampire Eric. Mostly Eric/Sookie with a mention of other characters.
Second Chances by Laura Siri Adult
What if Pam had turned Hadley instead of Queen Sophie Anne? Sookie finds herself learning the ropes of the supernatural world at the hands of her vampire cousin while trying not to lose herself in the attentions of a certain sexy Viking sheriff... Sookie/Eric, Pam/Hadley.
House of Cards by Telcontar Rulz Adult
Sookie Stackhouse is atelepathic New York socialite.When business and fate cause her to encounter one Eric Northman, cutthroat businessman and vampire, the world she knows comes tumbling down.
Put Me First by AlphaEN Adult
Eric and Sookie have some serious talking to do and decisions to make. She finally tells Eric she wants him to put her first, and so the journey begins. This story and its sequel 'Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow' are now only available on my personal site

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Dreams by hearttorn General
Sookie has been having strange dreams... what do they mean?

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